At Regional Land Company, our objective is to build a foundation of trust, in the provision of land acquisition/disposition services.   With our first decade now behind us, we believe we have earned this trust from our valued clientele.   We are building on the reputation that we have established, professionally and effectively serving our current clientele while establishing new relationships for the future.

We understand that there are several capable commercial brokerages throughout California. However, Regional Land Company focuses almost entirely on residential land opportunities.  We target land in every stage of entitlement, and have a great deal of experience in remediation properties as well.  Regional Land answers the need for technologically competent, professional representation in major land transactions. Regional Land Company will strive to set itself apart from its competitors through motivation, experience, and, most importantly, reputation.

Among residential land brokerages, we have the unique opportunity to provide a "geographic synergy" through networking and relationships. In fact, Regional Land can service clientele from both Northern and Southern California, having closed many transactions from Orange County to the Northern Central Valley and Sacramento areas.

Our market knowledge provides immeasurable benefits to clientele in the sale or purchase of major land deals. The provision of these benefits generates a large client base of investors, builders, and developers. With a rapidly diminishing land market, the services of Regional Land are proving invaluable to many of these organizations.

In a precarious land market it is imperative that landowners, builders, and developers get the most current market information available. Regional Land Company's aggregate experience in land deals has fostered strong relationships within the development/building community. These relationships provide a network mechanism that allows our clients to get the most up-to-date market information.

This network is complimented by an adherence to flexible technologies. Regional Land Company's embrace of technology permits us to provide a more consummate picture of current residential markets and values. Perhaps that is why we are approached not only by landowners and builders, but also by lenders, investors, and appraisers for "market confirmation." Our clientele also benefits from our accessibility, diligence, and responsiveness. Regional Land truly is a Company that never sleeps.

It is easy to see how Regional Land Company cultivates such strong relationships within the development/building community.   Our clients value our professional ethics, and they appreciate our focus on land transactions.  Essentially, our reputation has "spoken for itself.

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